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We’ve seen the transformation hundreds of times – people who came to us full of doubt and uncertainty become secure in the knowledge of their rightful place in God’s great kingdom. The change may start slowly – in a Bible Study class or choir participation, perhaps – but once it begins, it picks up speed. The good works, shared experiences, time spent in prayer – all bring us closer to our highest calling.


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The first step to seed faith giving and living is to look to Jesus as your source of your life. Although there are many scriptures concerning God as our source, the key scripture to seed-faith lies in what the apostle Paul wrote in Philippians 4:13-19 

These verse clearly explain that without giving there can be no receiving a harvest can be on the end of every seed sown. Jesus said Ask and it shall be given to you,seek and you will find,knock. and it will be opened to you.( Luke 11:9 ) Therefore you can expect a miracle-in the form of the answer to your need every day.  

Sow into this ministry today, and recieve this month's offer, jf this message has been a blessing to you. .

This week sow your seed of faith for any amount that God puts on your heart to give. 

Luke 6:38 "

say's Give and it shall be given unto you"Mark 4:3 "Behold there went out a sower to sow:"Mark 4:8 " And other fell on the ground,and sprang up and increased;and brought forth,some thirty,and some sixty,and some an hundred.

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Sow a seed of Faith,or Give a Gift of Love, or Tithe to this ministry if it's your daily bread.

Jesus said he will multiply your harvest.thirty,sixty,hundred times if you trust him with the least.