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Is It Harvest Yet ?

​" But other seed fell on good ground and produced:some

​thirtyfold,some sixty, and some

a hundred."( Mark 4:8, NKJV )

There is an announcement that God put on my heart for you today, And that announcement is, The seed is on schedule. The thing that you are believing for by faith is on schedule, It is not ahead, and it is not behind, it is right on time.

When it comes to faith,if you accept the fact that God works in

stages you will be much better off. Usually,there is no sudden shift that fixes everything, some things just take time.

We live in a world that wants harvest before we plow.

Mark 4 Jesus gives us a parable to illustrate an invisible Kindom; He is utilizing a natural analogy that we can relate to and understand. He is explaining the process of producing a harvest.

First, the farmer must scatter the seed on good ground. Second, the field must be plowed so the seed can survive the soil, sprout,

and grow. Then after month's of hard work, the harvest arrives-not

to early and not to late.

Our challenge as people of faith is to synchronize our faith with God's schedule. Wouldn't it be 

easier if God just marked "harvest season" on your calender ?

Maybe you're just in the beginning stages of your vision, or perhaps you're right in the middle, It might not be easy, you may have a long way to go, But if you can learn to appreciate each necessary stage of growth and understand that each one has a purpose, you can enjoy the journey.